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Business Continuity Approaches Required for Customer Contact Centers
By: Carolyn J Dawson
Frost & Sullivan has unveiled its latest report, 'Confronting the Unpredictable in the World of Customer Contact: Strategies for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.' According to Frost & Sullivan, the core of business continuity/disaster recovery or BC/DR policies are the customer contact com… - 09/05/2013

Robotics Innovator Adept Celebrates Three Decades of Industry Presence
By: Madhubanti Rudra
Robotics solutions provider Adept Technology has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. In business since 1983, adept has installed more than 57,000 automation systems worldwide in its thirty years industry existence. - 07/30/2013

ABB Robotics Expands IRB 360 FlexPicker Line
By: Raju Shanbhag
Robots are being used in various industries on a large scale these days. The availability of sophisticated robots and their economical pricing have made these robots even more attractive for companies. - 07/30/2013

New STEM Robotics Platform Promotes Workplace Skills
By: Michelle Nicolson
A new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) robotics platform from Yaskawa Motoman will soon help students in secondary educational programs practice skills in advanced manufacturing and robotics. The company announced it is available in a general-purpose platform and a welding ed… - 07/30/2013

Staubli Announces New Robotics Suite v2013
By: Mandira Srivastava
A new Staubli Robotics Suite version 2013 has been launched by Staubli, a manufacturer of industrial robots. - 07/30/2013