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December 09, 2010

The Beer-Serving Robot Trend

I love robots in every shape and color possible. I love when they vacuum my floors, clean my kitty litter, terminate bad guys and also… serve me alcohol.

Yes, you read correctly – robots that serve me alcohol. There is a new and exciting trend in robotics that has nothing to do with prosthetics or war machines. This development takes me back to a simpler time, where a cold one was a cold one was a cold one.

Last week I sent out a personal thank you to Willow Garage, crafter of a pretty advanced robotic platform that allows (and encourages!) robots to fetch beer from the fridge for their evil human overlords.

But they’re hardly the only innovative operation out there.

News is trickling in that a new eaterie in Japan, called the Delu Robot Restaurant, has several robot staffers on board to service its customers every whim.

These robot employees greet customers – but they also perform several other tasks. Namely, the robot waiters take orders and serve them as well – while on bicycles.

These robots deserve a special commendation because they can already multi-task better than some of the local waitstaff!

Currently, humans are kept in the kitchen where they prepare food. But according to a source at Slash Gear, the plan is to eventually have up to forty robot staffers serving the restaurant’s every whim.

We can expect to see this beer-serving helper-style-ala-Rosie-from-The-Jetsons robot trend taking over the world as more companies get onboard to develop efficient artificial intelligence.

Erin Monda recently graduated from W.C.S.U. with a degree in professional writing. She primarily writes about network technologies, including cloud computing, virtualization and network optimization, however she also has a focus on E911 technologies and legislation.

Edited by Erin Monda

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