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August 28, 2012

High-Performance Manufacturing Aided by Industrial Robots

Industrial robots have been playing a large part in manufacturing for decades now, but they are becoming more and more sophisticated every year, and they continue to increase manufacturing productivity. ABB Robotics will be demonstrating a variety of high-performance industrial robots at the 2012 International Manufacturing Technology Show.

One such device on display will be the Okuma Genos L200W-M lathe, which features the ABB IRB 2600 robot with a Schunk pneumatic, three-finger centric gripper. It boasts speed and accuracy in its ability to move small, pre-machined valve bodies in and out of the machining center. This deployment can complete the process up to 30 percent faster than comparable setups. The robot sports a software package that will integrate programming and controls in combination with machine tools, making for a more seamless interface for the operator.

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Also on display will be a simulated production cell consisting of four ABB robots of varying size, reach and payload. These machines will coordinate complex motion patterns controlled by a single device. The robots will work collaboratively on the same part and can move in subgroups or combinations. The foursome includes and IRB 4600 60-kg/2,05-mm handling a large part, an IRB 120 3-kg/0.6-mm carrying a small subcomponent, an IRB 2600 12-kg/1.65-mm with a Binzel welding torch and Meta vision laser, and an IRB 140 6-kg/0.8-mm using a 1D laser sensor.

ABB will also be showing off a CNC cell tended by an IRB 4600 robot. The ABB IRB 4600 will be tending an SL-10 CNC lathe and sports an SAS (News - Alert) Automation vacuum gripper. It will pick up the raw material from a feeder and load the lathe after removing aluminum from the chuck.

“Robotic automation is at the forefront of the lean technologies manufacturers have embraced to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage,” John Bubnikovich, executive director, marketing and business development, ABB Robotics told americanmachinist.com.“Our IMTS demos highlight a range of emerging ABB robotic technologies, from entry level, almost turn-key systems for smaller companies to more intricate, highly engineered systems for larger operations.”

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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