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January 29, 2013

ABB Robotics Combines its 2-Station Arcpack Workcell with its Arc Welding Robot

ABB Robotics has announced that its new IRB 1520ID dedicated arc welding robot is compatible with its 2-station Arcpack workcell.

The 2-station Arcpack workcell is a pre-engineered solution that is modular. The cell has a compact footprint measuring nine square feet. The unit also features cell guarding and automatic or manual rollup doors.

If customers want to create their own customized cell, they can use the 2-station Arcpack as a building block for a custom-made solution.

Within the workcell, both the robot and the two workstation tables are mounted to a common base. The base makes transportation of both the robot and the workcell more efficient.

Also, holes on the worktables provide slots for tool and fixture insertion.

Robots can weld both parts on one table or different parts on individual tables so that industrial applications have maximum flexibility.

If customers choose to invest in compatible torch cleaning equipment, the equipment can be mounted directly in front of the robot so that torch cleaning and wire cutting can happen with minimal movement from the robot.

According to ABB, the IRB 1520ID robot, released in August 2012, is designed to offer a low cost per weld. Welding cablings at the base along with the hose package on the robot’s upper arm route welding wire, pressurized air, power and shielding gas.

The robot also features integrated process dressing that creates both simpler programming and greater safety for welders.

Robots cut payroll costs in industrial applications by performing certain tasks more quickly and efficiently than a human worker. Robots also work in dangerous areas where human life or health is highly at risk.

Just as well, robots on a production line can cut bottlenecks and increase production capacity to improve company revenue.

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