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October 07, 2010

Data Robotics Debuts DroboPro FS

Data Robotics introduced the newest member of the Drobo family of automated storage products, DroboPro FS. The product is an extension of Drobo FS and it comes with Drobo Sync application. According to Data Robotics, this new product will be useful for companies that are looking for a reliable, affordable device to share and back up files.

Offering unprecedented and unmatched ease of use, affordability, self-healing data protection, and expandability, DroboPro FS is based on patented BeyondRAID technology like all Drobo products, states Data Robotics. By simply inserting a new SATA hard drive or by replacing the smallest drive with a larger one, small businesses with growing storage requirements can easily and affordably add data capacity, even when all eight drive bays of the DroboPro FS are full.

“We are reinventing storage solutions that meet the specific requirements of small business owners," said Tom Buiocchi, CEO of Data Robotics, in a press release. "Your typical small business needs data storage and protection, but has limited budget and technical resources. We provide the smart alternative to the overly complex and expensive solutions being offered. The DroboPro FS delivers ease of use, functionality, and affordability that many small businesses did not know could exist.”

For a true plug in and share set-up experience, supporting Microsoft, Apple, and Linux computer systems, the DroboPro FS connects directly to any Gigabit Ethernet network. Every DroboPro FS includes the new Drobo Sync application that will automatically backup (locally or remotely) all data to another DroboPro FS. Drobo Sync only transmits portions of files that have changed and allows backups to be conveniently scheduled.

Recently, the company joined hands with Oxygen Cloud to offer simple creation of private storage clouds for businesses. Users are able to avail the Oxygen private cloud as a downloadable software package for Data Robotics' Drobo FS which is the Drobo designed for simple file sharing. An Oxygen private cloud consists of one or more Oxygen cloud drives including a Drobo FS.

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