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October 12, 2010

Heartland Robotics Gets a New, Seasoned Executive as VP

Paula Long, a co-founder and former VP of Products and Strategy for EqualLogic, has joined Heartland Robotics, Inc., as vice president of software development. 

A very seasoned executive, Long held a number of senior software management and development positions with reputed technology companies and has extensive experience in managing product development and enterprise software.

Before she served as VP of engineering for Dell's Storage Group, she was co-founder and VP of products and strategy at EqualLogic. She was connected intimately with the success and growth of Nashua-based EqualLogic right from inception to its eventual acquisition by Dell Computer for $1.4 billion in 2008.

As a VP in Dell's Storage Product group, Ms Long associated herself with the architecture, design and delivery of EqualLogic's products.  

Heartland Robotics was founded in 2008 by iRobot co-founder and former MIT professor, Rodney Brooks, and is headed toward production and sales of its first generation of robots for manufacturing environments.

Dr. Brooks appeared confident that Heartland robotics would change the definition of how and where robots could be used, as the company was all set to produce robots that would be intuitive to use, intelligent, highly flexible, easy to buy, train and deploy and unbelievably inexpensive. 

Scott Eckert, the company's president and CEO, added that software innovation was central to the creation of robots that are both remarkably intelligent and easy to use, and Long had demonstrated leadership ability and an entrepreneurial spark that would be a tremendous addition to the team and help Heartland create something that hasn't been seen before.

Heartland Robotics, Inc., which is developing a revolutionary new generation of intelligent robots to increase productivity and efficiency in manufacturing environments, is bent on introducing robots into places that have not been automated before, making manufacturers more efficient, their workers more productive, and preventing jobs from migrating to low-cost regions.

In a related news release, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers announced that Dr. Brooks will receive SMEs highest recognition, Honorary Membership for having exhibited professional eminence in the robotics industry.

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