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March 28, 2012

Waterford's Robotics Team Wins a Slot at the Robotics World Championship

In just three years since its inception, the Robotics Team at Waterford High School in Utah managed to win the 2012 Utah regional FIRST Robotic’s Competition. With its alliances, the Prototype X and the Team Plasma, Waterford managed to lift the multi-day tournament which ran from March 15-17, 2012 and was held at the Maverick Center in Salt Lake City.

The tournament included 43 teams from 10 states where each team played 11 matches before they reached the elimination bracket. Waterford’s Ravens Robotics was the underdog team when entering the elimination rounds but was able to work its way up, thanks to its 2 alliance partners. Once they were able to knock out fierce opposition at the quarter finals round, they easily dominated at the semi-finals and the finals.

According to James Harris, chair and lead mentor for the Ravens Robotics team Waterford Science Department, “Watching this team grow from a new program into a regional winner in just three years has been truly amazing. I'm very proud of the skills and experience our students have developed this season. It was especially gratifying to watch as the team learned and adapted through the qualifying rounds and then performed at a high level all the way through the elimination bracket.”

He continued, “Our two alliance partners, Prototype X and Team Plasma, were extraordinary and helped make the victory possible. It is fun to win, but most importantly, the students have learned an immense amount, from engineering, to fabrication, to competing as prepared and gracious professionals.”

The Waterford School, Universal Sales and NASA are currently sponsoring the Ravens Robotics team. The winning alliance, the Ravens Robotics, Prototype X of Leonardo Center in Salt Lake City and the Plasma of Mesa team, Arizona will now attend their first Robotics World Championship from April 25-28 in St Louis. The team hopes their recent success will help raise the funds needed to make it to the world championship at St. Louis.

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