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May 08, 2012

Robot Vacuum Speaks Japanese, Dances and Watches the Dog

Conventional vacuuming sucks, literally and figuratively. It takes an unconventional vacuum like “Cocorobo,” to make you wonder why you don’t have nearly enough fun with your chores. Cocorobo, a Japanese robot vacuum, is trilingual, speaking English, Chinese and Japanese. Cocorobo, when connected to Wi-Fi with your smartphone also has observational capabilities featuring four screens at 90 degree intervals, allowing users a 360 degree status update on Pumpkin, your more organic pet, while you’re away. You can also use your smartphone as a remote control to get better surveillance of your pad. Also, Cocorobo has feelings. Talk to it every day to make it happy. Ignore it for a while and it might tell you, “Long time no see.”

The Roomba has nothing on Cocorobo. While the Roomba uses only infrared rays, Cocorobo operates on those and “ecolocation technology”. By speaking the Kansia dialect of Japanese, the robot lets you know how witty and silly it is. It purifies the room as it floats around, and it is so cute, that it’s sure to put a smile on the face of the most stoic butler. Cocorobo is not just a vacuum novelty, as its powerful suction gets the job done better than devices five times its size.

You don’t have to read the top stories in RobotXworld’s Robotic’sWire to see how robots continue to outperform humans, especially with mundane tasks. So yes, I would recommend giving the housekeeper a break with the vacuuming. Also, Cocorobo likes to dance, and doesn’t charge for the extras.

Unfortunately, this awesome pet robot isn’t available in the U.S. If it was, it would cost $1,600 per the yen rate. Unless you have connections in Japan and the other countries in Asia, in which Cocorobo will soon be available, it looks like you’re stuck with the other vacuum cleaners that only suck.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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