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June 07, 2012

Gumstix's TurtleCore Makes Building Robots Easy!

Robots are lot of fun and excellent educational gifts. To help robotics enthusiasts make robots cheaper and faster, Gumstix, Inc., the premier provider of tiny computers-on-module (COM) and expansion boards for professional design engineers and hobbyists, has introduced the TurtleCore, a new, low-cost expansion board. This board will help robotics enthusiasts build robots easily and cost-effectively, using the iRobot Create Platform.

According to a press release, the TurtleCore expansion board, in combination with a Gumstix Overo or Overo STORM series COM, integrates directly into the iRobot Create, decreasing the need for a netbook to operate the mobile robot or interface with camera inputs.

"The iRobot Create is an exceptional platform for mobile robotics, and we believe our small COMs and expansion boards are ideal for the Create's unique form factor," said W. Gordon Kruberg, M.D., president and CEO of Gumstix. "By providing a platform for the Robotic Operating System from Willow Garage that can fit inside and be powered by the Create, we hope Gumstix gives roboticists the flexibility to achieve greater performance with their robots at a lower cost and in a smaller package than has previously been possible."

The TurtleCore expansion board provides control over an Overo COM and can be connected directly to the Create via DB25 port. This fully functional computer includes three USB 2.0 Ports and has a form factor tailored specifically for the Create - where alternative computing platforms will not fit. It draws power for the COM directly from the Create so there is only one battery to charge. It has low power requirement of Overo and Overo STORM COMs coupled with software control of the Create power system, ensures maximum range.

The TurtleCore expansion board is available with price tag of $89 and along with the Overo or Overo STORM COMs, can be purchased directly from Gumstix website.

In other company news, RobotXworld reported that Gumstix, Inc has released RoboVero controller board.

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