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August 09, 2012

Quantum to Collaborate with Robotics Innovators to Develop the Industry

Quantum International announced plans to enter into partnerships with global robotics developers. The company plans to enter into joint ventures and in some cases look for acquisition also.

An emerging robotics innovation company, Quantum develops, delivers and markets innovations in robotics to cater to the demand for the precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness that these technologies can deliver.

Participating in the AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America 2012 conference in Las Vegas, Quantum International has been looking for robotics contacts and expects to start conversations with companies that it feels are prime candidates.

In a release Quantum CEO, Robert Federowicz said, “There were dozens of amazing new technologies at the conference that we feel are ripe for commercialization. Autonomous robots have nearly limitless applications ahead in the near future, and we’re excited about the breakthroughs we’re seeing in the industry.”

Official sources revealed that Quantum is in the process of drawing up a definitive agreement with Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) in Warsaw, Poland.

PIAP is a chief contender in the robotics innovation race. The robotics projects that the institute has embarked on will be highly beneficial and profitable, opines Quantum which is striving to develop the next generation of robotics technology with sophisticated, automated technology.

Quantum is desirous to leverage the new wave of robotics innovations based on simple but powerful new technologies such as the Apple (AAPL) iPad. 

According to a RobotXworld report, barcode symbols on tablet computers could be used to control underwater robots, propelled by Apple’s iPad. Robots can now become amphibians as the potential for underwater robots is being seriously explored. The iPad is being viewed as a device that can remotely control the movements of the robots that are beneath water.

Quantum is also in the process of testing new inventions with robots initially controlled by the Apple iPad in order to help children with Autism.

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