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August 22, 2012

Honda Releases Details of its European Robotic Lawn Mower

Coming next year, a new item in the world of consumers’ robotics will be available. At first only in Europe, a new robotic lawn mower will hit the market, called Miimo. This system will be a self-controlled, sensor-activated equipped robotic lawn mower by the Honda Motor Co. that can maneuver on its own in an enclosed yard (or not) to shave (and trim) about three millimeters (0.12 inches) off the grass. A fan that is built-in to the blade will help the lawn mower do its job.

Miimo looks very similar to iRobot Corp.'s Roomba vacuum cleaner and acts like it too. Like Roomba, Miimo is able to find its way around and not bump into or go over items left in the yard. Basically, it has the ability, like the Roomba vacuum cleaner, to avoid obstacles and complete the job unassisted.

What is unique about Miimo is that it uses no blades to cut the lawn so there are no potential dangers involved when the grass is being shaved. This unit will make it possible for users to take care of their lawns without having to spend hours pushing or riding a lawn mower. Miimo will likely be the choice for people that have lives too busy to spend too much time outdoors taking care of their yard.

This consumer home product, which is packed with prized robotics technology, is Honda’s latest robotics technology put to use. The humanoid robot Asimo, a walking, talking robot that performs a variety of services to office guests, was their first manufactured unit.

If you are tired of having to cut the grass yourself, look for Miimo to do the job for you. Again, it will come on the market sometime in 2013 and it will have a price tag anywhere from 2,100 euros ($2,600) to 2,500 euros ($3,000).

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