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October 19, 2012

Energid and Robai to Demo Small-Footprint Robot Arm

Robot companies are set to discuss their methods for handling disruptive technologies from the world of research robotics and apply them to new market opportunities during the RoboBusiness 2012 Leadership Summit, scheduled for October 22-24, 2012 at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

At the summit, companies such as Energid and Robai are expected to demonstrate a small-footprint robot arm called the Cyton Gamma, which is now ready for industrial use and can be installed as easily as a computer monitor.

Leveraging advanced control software from Energid Technologies, Robai hardened the Cyton Gamma for industrial applications. This robot-arm is designed to handle payloads up to a few pounds and support a wide range of manipulation and inspection tasks.

Companies’ officials said it can lift an object, turn a knob, flip a lever or gesture across a touch screen.

Ranjan Mishra, lead mechanical designer of the Cyton Gamma, said that for many tasks, anyone can train the Cyton simply by moving the arm through the desired motions. For more complex planning, an engineer can use the 3D graphical tasking environment.

Moreover, Robai has added support for the Robotic Operating System (ROS), enabling engineers to integrate the arms with other ROS enabled devices. ROS is software platform expected to provide a common framework across industrial robotics applications.

“For Robai, we leveraged technology developed for NASA to enable the Cyton arms to reliably perform manipulation tasks,” said David Askey, cofounder and CBDO at Energid, adding that the company’s approach is that powerful software can make robot training natural and intuitive, speeding deployment and reducing total cost of ownership.

Additionally at the event, Adept, Energid, Robai and the Southwest Research Institute are expected to give talks at the workshop session “Rethinking Manufacturing with Robotics.” They intend to discuss how new technologies are now opening up underserved markets within the industrial automation space.

Recently, AREVA Corp. chose Energid Technologies to apply Actin software to robotic systems being developed for servicing and inspection of nuclear power plants.

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